Our private events are the very epitome of sexy. Here, we lean into the origin of pole dance from strip clubs and burlesque dancing so you can unleash your inner vixen. Think 50 Shades of Grey, NSFW, "what happens at Pole Position, stays at Pole Position," unless, of course, you want to take what you learned back home to a special someone. Just sayin'.



The art of pole dance is versatile enough to be athletic, artistic, and jaw-droppingly sexy. For your private pole event, step into our "red room" to spend an hour as your stripper alter-ego. You'll learn a full routine that would make your Grandma blush (#sorrynana). 



You'll look at your dining room chairs differently after a private chair dance event with us. Using the chair as a prop you'll learn how to slide, split, and straddle like a pro to a sultry song of your choice. Come in your hottest freakum' outfit and work it out, Queen. 



*coming soon*
You are drool-worthy. Learn how to showcase those goods to your bae in our "red room" for a night they'll never forget. After you've taken off a few layers, we bet they'll be absolutely begging to do the dishes. 



  • 1 hour dance instruction 
  • 30 extra minutes mingling/taking photos with your crew (pictures or it didn't happen, right?!)
  • Optional instructor performance 
  • Complimentary champagne for after your event 
  • One guest will win a free class! Gasp!
  • 5 person minimum $50/person
  • 6 or more guests $45/person
  • $100 deposit to book reservation
  • Balance due the day of the event

We LIVE for making your event an epic success and can't wait to watch you slay!!!