Whether it’s your very first time or you already slay at flying high, we already consider you to be part of the crew. Centrally located in the heart of White Plains, NY, our studio vibe is one of inclusion, encouragement, and support--with a heavy dose of silliness.

We excel in the art of high fives and happy dances because this is your place to feel completely free: be a dancer, be an athlete, and fall head over heels in love with giving yourself the gift of extra. Extra "Me Time," extra self expression...we even think you should get the extra guac at Chipotle. Let us celebrate you as you live your best life and embrace the extraordinary: welcome to Pole Position. 


Come dance with us. Learn basic spins, climb up the pole, rock essential floor work, and add your own style to universal dance transitions.

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Ready to celebrate a birthday? Wanna get wild as the bride-to-be? Or maybe your girls want to dance and party just because it's Fri-yay. Whatever the reason, we've got you covered. Click below to check out our full party site of themes and pricing packages!