Pole Kissed - Jewelie Elsbree

I didn’t choose the pole life, the pole life chose me.

It’s an incredible feeling when you find your “thing” in life, whatever it may be. Mine just happens to be pole dancing. And yours might be too. Now wait, before you say no, let me explain what it means to be a true pole dancer. A pole dancer is someone who embraces their own body, energy, and rhythm. It surpasses your exterior, and forces you to look within yourself. It has no age, no color, no height or weight. You don’t have to be strong, rhythmic, or even comfortable in your own skin when you first find the pole. That’s the best part of the dance. You grow into it with every move. As you continue your pole journey, you will develop your own kind of dance, with your own style, quirks, and flair. It’s like snowflakes; no two pole dancers are the same.

The beauty in finding yourself through dance is that you release any hesitation, and discomfort with yourself that you had prior. You become part of a body-positive environment that encourages you to fall in love with yourself. You learn to love every flaw, bump, and bruise, as you recreate yourself through motion. You will grow stronger physically and mentally, and possibly, even spiritually, as you learn to embrace yourself in ways you’ve never imagined possible. Every negative thought will seem to vanish with every spin, trick, and pirouette. You learn to love the pain, and crave the burn. Even your nemesis moves will entice you to work hard and succeed. When you finally land your first superman, invert, or climb the pole for the very first time, you have conquered something that you thought would conquer you. You learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes, forget the reasons why you never danced before, and find the beauty in letting go. So come as you are, leave your troubles at the door (and your shoes), and let's dance!

Taylor Starke